Buy Carbon Engineering’s Direct Air Capture carbon dioxide removal via BeZero to achieve true Net Zero

BeZero partners with Carbon Engineering

Each Carbon Engineering Direct Air Capture (DAC) facility will permanently remove one million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, the equivalent of 40m trees...climate action at megaton-scale.

Individuals & businesses can now pre-purchase DAC units, or buy the world's premium removal basket via BeZero.

BeZero’s AAA+ rated portfolio combines DAC technology with the highest quality removal offsets from the world’s three major carbon sinks - trees, oceans and soil.

Every basket is designed using the BeZero Carbon Rating to remove 10 tonnes of CO2e.

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BeZero’s Premium Removals Basket

The world’s premium carbon removal basket

BeZero has assessed hundreds of carbon offsetting projects worldwide to identify the highest quality credits available today at the best prices. The BeZero basket offers you a simple, diversified portfolio, optimised to offset a true tonne of carbon. We do this by purchasing more than one credit for every tonne of carbon sold, according to how a project scores in our ratings framework.

Premium basket

Achieve net zero today by purchasing the world’s highest quality portfolio of nature-based removal projects & DAC carbon removal.

Buy Premium Removals Basket

DAC technology

Support the permanent removal of carbon dioxide from the air at megaton-scale by pre-purchasing Carbon Engineering’s DAC removal units.

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